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Two T’s Italian Ices are dairy and nut-free.

Two T’s Italian Ices are dairy and nut-free.

The Place For The Flavors You Crave!

At the Two T’s Log Cabin Creamery, you will find many treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether it’s a thick and creamy milkshake, Sundae, or a traditional hand-dipped cone, we’ve got what you’re after!

When it comes our Italian Ice, we’ll let you in on a little secret — for years, Two T’s Log Cabin Creamery has been known as THE PLACE to get what we believe is best Italian Ice in the NorthEast.

Antionette’s Italian Ice is a traditional, Italian-style recipe water ice, handmade locally in small batches with unique flavors.  Come give it a try and see if you agree!

Remember, as always has been our tradition, the winner of your mini golf round gets a free Ice!